Cakes & Pies

Getting Married? Having a Big Party?
All of our cakes are made with love and other fine ingredients like real cream, imported chocolate and fresh butter.
Want chocolate, mud cake, butter cream, rainbow or fruit cake? Or do you want one tier, eight tiers, multiple tiers, multiple cakes, round, square or even a special shaped cake?We bake them all, and we bake them to custom size, too. Please call us for assistance.

Cookie & Sweet Treat Trays

Cookie & Sweet Treat Trays
Beautifully arranged on wicker baskets.
Generations of customers have flocked to Sweet Bakery over the years to enjoy the breathtaking aroma; a daily array of mouth-watering sweets and delectable savouries; and the bustling sights and sounds in this ever-busy cafe.

Artisan Breads, Rolls & Croissants

Home made artisan Bread
Nutritionally, bread is known as an ample source for the grains category of nutrition. Also, bread is considered a good source of carbohydrates through the whole grains, nutrients such as magnesium, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and dietary fiber. Our full line of breads, baguettes, buns and other baked good are coming out of the oven at Sweet Bakery.

Our Tradition & History

We love food
We love food. Good, honest, homemade, comfort food all made by hand and all from scratch. From hearty soups, panini sandwiches, and homemade lasagnas to bite-size treats, your daily bread, and insanely delicious cakes; it’s all made with love right here by a group of dedicated bakers and cooks, and using only ingredients we can pronounce.
Whether you meet a friend for lunch or come on your own; you’ll always be entertained by the constant flurry of busy bakers whipping up fresh from-the-oven treats, right under your nose.

  • Sweet Trays
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Lemon Raspberry Pie
  • Cranberry Cookies
  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Croissants

Sweet Trays: $29.99 $46.99 $89.99

Tarts, cookies and squares ...10" serves 10-12... 12" serves 18-20 ...16" serves 36-40

Small Cakes: 8", serve 6-8 people $31.99-$39.99 & Large Cakes: 10", serve 12-16 people $56.99-$58.99

Vanilla Cake: homemade lemon curd and creamy coconut frosting all wrapped in shredded coconut.

Small Pie: 8", serve 6-8 people $31.99-$39.99 & Large Pie: 10", serve 12-16 people $56.99-$58.99

Lemon Raspberry Pie:Layers of white cake with lemon curd and raspberry coulis. All iced in tangy lemon butter-cream. Serve with our homemade raspberry coulis.

Trays: $29.99 $46.99 $89.99

Lemon Cranberry Cookies: Orange-flavored delicious cookies with cranberry and white chocolate toping

Trays: $29.99 $46.99 $89.99

Chocoholic Sweet Trays. Everything chocolate -Tarts, Cookies and Squares...10" serves 12-14...12" serves 20-24...16" serves 30-40

Trays: $12.99 $14.99 $18.99

French Style Croissants decorated with milk chocolate. Soft and delicious